Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays / Christmas Presents

Gosh, we sure do have a knack for posting holiday things way after they've happened. Anyway, we hope you had (and are still having) a wonderful holiday season, whether or not you're back at school. Mama Hen is hoping that we'll be able to exchange New Year's presents this year and decorate the house for 2015...

This is (almost) everything that Mama Hen got for Christmas minus an awesome ukulele, DVD of Breakfast at Tiffany's, loads of candy, and a few other things.

Firstly, she got the Celtic Woman Emerald CD and live concert DVD. We can't wait to show it to Kirsten!

[Emma] When Mama Hen found this in her stocking she flipped out! (Believe me, I was watching). As far as I know she's already watched most (if not all) of it. I'm counting the days until she's done so that i can watch it. 

[Mattie] Mama Hen gave us these fantastic chocolate bars she found at the grocery store while we were down there. The 85% dark one was my favorite. :)

We also got...

Kit's Reporter Set!!!

This is the first time Mama Hen has gotten a an American Girl gift for several years because she's too embarrassed to put them on her wish list 9plus AG stuff is really expensive), so we were all surprised when she opened it!

It comes with this adorable camera case.

The amazingly detailed camera! Mama Hen says it matches some of the older cameras she's seen and used before. Unfortunately it doesn't actually work, but it's still cool!

Here's the little shoulder bag, which conveniently had velcro in just the right place to slip it onto our shoulders. 

A tiny little notebook fits inside with a pad of refillable paper.

A can of film! It's actually just the paper box, but it would be 10 times better if there were actually a little roll of film inside.

Newspapers! Including the article that Kit wrote in her stories and some of her photos. They actually look and feel like real newspapers!

A tiny pen that can actually uncap (but doesn't write).

A few bonus roof pics...

We'll be back soon with more pictures and maybe a photo story or two!

~Emma and Mattie

Friday, December 5, 2014

Emma's Inner Disney Princess

Dia dhuit, everyone! It's Emma again, and we'll hopefully be back to posting a bit more now. As you saw earlier, we had loads of fun the other morning. I like dressing up, but not usually in purple faerie dresses. I prefer historical clothing most of the time, so putting on a dress-up gown was a bit of a change. It turned out to be so much fun, though!

You could almost think of it as historical, but I doubt they had quite this shade of lavender in medical times. :)

I started singing lines from Sleeping Beauty about halfway through because I was busy imagining myself as Aurora. I may not be an American by birth, but I've been schooled by Samantha in all things Disney and Sleeping Beauty is by far my favorite. Plus, I loved the Maleficent movie that just came out! 

I feel so...Elvish! :) Like I could step into Rivendell...(I may love sci-fi more, but Felicity is not the only one who's read Tolkien).

And that's the end! My birthday is coming up soon (on the 15th) but I'm not sure if Mama Hen is planning to do a party or not since she's already neglected everyone else's birthdays. 

She says that she is in the process of updating the "Meet Us" page and should have it done in a bit. 

Woohoo for our 99th post! :)



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Magical {Mini} Photoshoot


The table was set with her finest china, Lissie was dressed in her best gown, and the light was perfect. She was ready.

She was listening to the birds, gazing at the beauty of the golden dawn when footsteps in the leaves drew her attention.

A fairy-girl stood quietly before her, dressed in a lavender gown with flowers etched on it.

"H-Hello," she stammered, staring at Lissie. Slowly her eyes wandered from Lissie's face to the table full of teacups.

" this for...for me?" she asked, stumbling over the words. Lisa nodded, smiling.

"I wanted to thank you for rescuing me the other day and showing me the way home," Lissie said, "I would have died in that snowstorm if not for you!"

"It was no problem," the fairy-girl said, smiling.

"Here," Lissie motioned to the empty cups, "come and have some tea with me,"

They both leaned over the table, talking and laughing as the sipped their drinks and watched the sun rise.

~Mama Hen (with the help of Felicity and Emma)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Return of the Sisters

Cue the old pictures...
Kirsten: Hello, internet! :) Man oh man, are we grateful to be back. Mama Hen had us cooped up in her room for so long, I think she only took us out because we were going crazy!

Emma: Kirsten, don't say things like that! You know she's been very busy. She had swim team tryouts and loads of tests.

K: What about the weekends? She could've taken us out then. 

E: And where would we go? The zoo

K: I dunno, just...somewhere...

E: (clearing her throat) Dia dhuit, everyone! Ignore Kirsten, she's being a bit touchy about--

K: I am not being touchy!

E: Alright then, annoyed, about having been stuck doing nothing for awhile. Today, we are here to share with you some pictures Mama Hen took this afternoon!

K: They're only of Emma, which isn't fair, but Mama Hen said she'd maybe take me out later.  

E: I feel kind of sorry for her, trying to take pictures of us. As soon as she gets home from school, the sun sets! We also keep falling down, and her turkey tries to come and peck at us.

K: Yeah, I should know. It's no fun when that happens. 

E: This was one of the most annoying photo-shoots I've ever done! It was only 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside and Mama Hen didn't have a glove or a coat or anything for me. In fact, I don't think even she had a coat or gloves...

K: Meanwhile I was sitting on the ground a few feet away, freezing my knees off and getting leaves in my hair. 

K: Why were you dressed like a pirate again?

E: I know it looks like a pirate costume, but it's not. Mama Hen went to the Celtic Faire a few weekends ago and it was modeled on what she had seen someone wearing. 

K: I still think it looks like a pirate costume.

K: She never changes the camera angle or does anything interesting! Are all of the pictures the same?

E: Please calm down, Kirsten, you're hurting my ears. I know, doing photoshoots can be a bit boring sometimes, but she's still warming up to her camera. I saw her looking at some ideas on Pinterest the other day so it shouldn't be long...

E: You can't see him, but the turkey was just out of the picture...

K: Annoying birds. Best left for Thanksgiving.

E: I think they were sweetest when they were little, but now the male is starting to nip people.

K: Boring.

E: I think this is the same one as earlier. 

K; At least she turned you around...

E: I'm not sure what she was thinking at this point. I'm afraid I was really focusing on not freezing to death.

E: Ugh, my hair came undone!

K: It doesn't look that bad, Emma.

E: This one's kind of nice. I still don't know what goes in in that girl's head when she's setting up these things...

K: Now we see your face!

E: It was kind of hard for her to take the front pictures without them looking all weird, because the sun was behind us, so at certain angles there were weird shadows on my face.

K: Ever the budding photographer...

E: Shush, Kirsten!

K: Finally, the last one!

E: Seriously, Kirsten? There weren't that many.

K: It's called sarcasm, Emma.

E: Actually, I think it's called drama and exaggeration in your case.

K: ...

E: What's gotten into you lately?

K: While you've been going places, I've been stuck inside with Samantha and Matilda. All they do is watch movies and play cards! When are we going to start homeschool again?

E: Soon, hopefully. (Mama Hen had to put homeschool on pause because she was so busy). Anyways, that's all we've got for now. Apparently Mama Hen has a few tags she's answering currently, so you should get another post from her soon. I haven't heard anything about Etsy lately, and I don't think Mama Hen has been sewing. Poor thing, she's overworking herself.

K: I think that's the synonym for "school". 

E: Pretty much, yeah. Cheerio!

K: Bye!

~Kirsten & Emma

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Camera Lens!!

You guys must have been bending some good vibes this way because my camera lens got here this afternoon! :)

The lowest setting of the lens is 55mm, which is as far as my old lens could go. This is better for photography where you are close to something.

It also works well for doll photography. :)

This one is somewhere in the middle of the lens. I had to back up a bit to zoom in. 

I has to be way far away to take this one! It's at 200mm, the highest the camera lens can go.

There would be really nice bokeh if there were trees with leaves behind Emma.

I love the colours this time of the afternoon (at around 2:00). Daylight Savings time is kind of annoying because it means that I can't take as many pictures when I get home from school, but at least it's lighter in the mornings.

This is at around 200mm...

The blurred out background is so cool! I love this lens because it can be both not blurry and blurry.

I can't tell you how happy Emma was to get outside and do something! :)

Here's Kirsten at 55mm. The dark blue looks really good on her.

The shirt is one that will go on my Etsy...eventually...

Kirsten was describing the length of a green snake she found while walking in the woods the other day. 

Final picture of Kirsten's hair. :)

The only problems I had were the camera shaking (because the lens was so heavy) and having to make the exposure super low because of the low light.

I shall attempt a photostory sometime soon...not sure when but it will happen.  

~Mama Hen