Monday, January 27, 2014

A Night of British TV

Cheerio, it's Emma! I'm much more comfortable here at Pony Tales now than I was a few weeks ago. We had a sisterly bonding night two Sundays ago, because as some of you may know both Sherlock and Downton Abbey were premiering on PBS. We had such a fun time! Both shows are amazing and the only thing I was disappointed with was that we didn't get them earlier (we get BBC shows several months before America). To celebrate, Mama Hen made me a regency dress wth some fabric she found that was just perfect.

Samantha and Kirsten dressed up too. Kirsten in Caroline's Birthday Dress (she got it for Christmas) and Samantha in the older pink regency gown.

Mama Hen chose the fabric because she thought it looked a bit like the Baker Street wallpaper, and I agree! It is feminine enough for a dress too.

The giant book box I have is one of Mama Hen's smaller ones from Michaels. She has another London one, too, with the Union Jack on the front.

In case you're wondering, the background is a giant science board that was on sale. :-)

Do any of you readers watch Sherlock or Downton Abbey?

What did you think of the new seasons?



Did you all have a lovely holiday? We sure did! Sorry that we're posting this so late, but Mama Hen didn't load the photos until now.

It was Christmas morning and we were all gnawing at the bit to open presents. 

Felicity was the first one downstairs. She wasn't happy about that though, because it meant she had to wait the longest. 

Chickadee received Kaya when she went to the American Girl Store. Now McKenna, Emily (brown-haired), and Molly have a new sister! 

While McKenna was at the AG Store she got her ears pierced and was constantly showing off her earrings.

Alas, she was practicing for her winter meet when she fell and broke her ankle. Good thing that she received the Feel Better Kit for Christmas! Now she's at least up and around on crutches. It wasn't fun for her to be bedridden because she is an extremely active gal. 

Kristen came down after McKenna, Kaya, and Felicity and was talking to McKenna while waiting. 

Samantha came next, still in her cozy nightgown. 

Emily (who is considering a name change) was second to last. She was still half asleep. 

"Did I miss anything?" She asked, her words slurring together. 

"Nope!" Kirsten grinned, "We're all still waiting for Mama Hen's green light." 

Finally Emma floated down the staircase, in another one of Felicity's Regency gowns. 

"I'm ready!" She said with a smile, "It looks to be a wonderful First Christmas with my new family!"

We all crowded around the present pile, eager to open our gifts. 

One by one we opened our presents. McKenna and Kaya both received American Girl Dolls (Ivy and Rebecca, respectively) and a few books. McKenna's favorite gift, though, was a guitar. 

She picked it up and didn't put it down until dinner time. 

Emma received Caroline from Mama Hen, and she was very excited to have her own doll! Especially since she loves Jane Austen so much, and she was from the same time period as Caroline. 

Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas morning. We hope you had a great Winter Break too (no matter what you celebrated).

~The Girls