Saturday, May 31, 2014

Matilda Madness

Sorry guys, but I've just got to share more Matilda photos with you! I promise this is the last "Matilda" post. In fact, I have a Camp Doll Diaries post planned next. I won't feel bad if you skip this one. ;-)

I made her this dress today from one of Jen Wrenne's free patterns. I altered it to fit Matilda and make it longer. All I needed was a fat quarter, some velcro, and a measuring tape!

Gazing lazily at the clouds...

Smelling the flowers...

She looks a bit Grecian to me....

This is the dress that Emma wore for the Sherlock premiere. I just pinned it in the back with a safety pin...and voila!

She certainly could be a character in one of Ms. Austen's novel.

Picking clovers in the meadow...

That's it, I promise! The Camp Doll Diaries post has one or two photos of Matilda, just because she has to meet the gang. 

Thanks for hanging with me through this very picture-heavy post1

~Mama Hen

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First Photos of Matilda

Hi everyone! I'm sorry this is so late, but we had a storm that knocked out the internet for a bit, so I couldn't put these up earlier.

I won the Doll Diaries giveaway for Matilda that I told you about earlier, and she came in the mail today!

Matilda has gorgeous grey eyes that match her silver and red top and kirtle.

Her hair is soft, smooth, and very easy to put in braids.

I haven't introduced her to the other girls yet, but I will try to soon. She's very earner to meet everyone! Maybe I could introduce her at Camp Doll Diaries?

She is such a beauty and unlike any other doll I own.

She helped me pick herbs this afternoon in the garden.

She wanted to watch the thunderstorm from the safety of the porch.

Here she is, showing off her multicolored hair. It is several different shades of brown.

And here is her braid up close...

I think she looks like she could be a real person in this picture, don't you? One of my favorite books, Jane Eyre, has a cover a bit like this picture.

I'll be back with more Matilda soon.

~Mama Hen