Monday, June 30, 2014

Morning Beach Walk

Hey there, everyone, Felicity here! Long time, no see, right? Mama Hen, Emma, and I are at Pawleys Island in South Carolina this week for the 4th of July. The weather is lovely and we are having so much fun! This morning Emma and I took a short beach walk to look for shells.

"There's the ocean," I said, looking out over the azure waves, "it's amazing,"

"You mean you've never been here before?" Emma asked, incredulous, "I though you said Mama Hen brought you to Pawleys with her last year,"

"Yes," I replied, "but she didn't bring me down to the ocean. We only went as far as the dunes,"

I looked over at Emma and giggled. "You silly goose," I said, "your hat is too low!"

Emma pulled it back a little bit. "Is that better?"

"Yes, much."

The beach was on a very slight slope. That's why the water is tilted. :-)

"Oh, there are so many shells!" I shouted.

"See this one?" Emma said, "It has a barnacle on it," 

"Can I feel it?" I asked. She handed it to me.

"Some barnacles are very old," she said.

I handed it back to Emma and she slipped it in her pocket. 

"It's such a wonderful day today, isn't it?" Emma asked. 

"Yes," I replied, "It absolutely is,"

We stared out at the water for a few minutes, then turned and headed back inside.

What are you doing for the 4th of July? 

Have you eve been to Pawleys Island, South Carolina?


P.S. Did you notice the "Pinning our Pics" box in the sidebar? That's right! You're free to pin our pictures now! Pleas don't abuse the right though, because they aren't watermarked. :-) Have fun!

P.P.S Mama Hen wants me to say that she is working on the book tutorial and that she'll put it up once we get back home.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Hi there, it's Kirsten! Mama Hen, Emma, Mattie, and Felicity are at Pawleys Island, SC for the Fourth of July. Before they left, Shola and I took and walk in the woods with Mama Hen.

The afternoon sunlight was so pretty.

"Oh, Kirsten! Shola exclaimed, "Look at that beautiful bird!"

"Do you want to be a nature scientist, Shola?" I asked her.

"Yes," she said, gazing up at all of the birds above us.

Mama Hen made this poster of sorts with a quote from The Lord of the Rings.

Do any of you like taking nature walks?


Friday, June 27, 2014

New American Girl Stuff

Hey everyone! Mama Hen here. I suppose y'all have already head about the new AG releases, and what do you think? I'm in love with a few things, especially...

American Girl's Photo, not mine

MYAG #61!!!

American Girl's Photo, not mine

She's definitely on my wish list. She looks exactly like Amelia Pond (Doctor Who) and/or Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter). With a little imagination, she could even pass off as Molly Hooper (Sherlock). I'd name her Amelia G. Willis, maybe. 

Turns out, I'm rather partial to redheads.

If I can scrounge up enough money eventually, then she'll be coming home with me. I might just wait until after the upcoming BeForever revamp, though. Unless prices get higher. Which would stink.

So, what are your thoughts on the new AG things? Do you like MyAG #61? What would you name her if you got her?

Have a nice weekend!

~Mama Hen

{Snapshots} Lazy Days

This is a rather long {Snapshots} post, so just sit back and enjoy!

What do your dolls like doing in the summer?

We're going to Pawleys Island this summer and I'll probably bring a few of the girls. They're all squabbling over who gets to come. ;-) I'll take as many pictures as I can, as long as it's not raining, and put them up when I get back.

~Mama Hen