Monday, July 28, 2014

{Snapshots} Dreams

I'm planning on entering the Summer Photo Contest over at The Doll Wardrobe, and here are a few of my outtakes:

The long pink dress thing is just the big piece of sheer pink vintage fabric. :-)

And those were Sam in her Renaissance pheasant garb picking flowers.

Have you ever entered any photo contests?

Have a nice day!

~Mama Hen

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vintage Fabric Extravaganza

I know this isn't technically a craft blog or anything, but this was just too cool not to share. A friend of mine was cleaning out a retired professional seamstress's closet. Long story short, she ended up with more than 20 grocery bags of vintage fabrics. Some of it she donated to a school for their home-ec classes, but she (very nicely, might I add) let Chickadee, my mum, and I go through it first!

Sorry in advance for low-quality pictures. My good camera battery was dead and I had to use my phone.

These are some of the blue fabrics I got. Everything goes together so nicely! The plaid would make a lovely shirt or shirtdress...

Pinks and yellows, plus some checked black and brown fat quarters (1/4 of a yard).

There are so many different kind of fabrics too.

See how the serge on the end is yellow? That's usually how you can tell come thing is vintage.

A lightweight blue fabric (I'm not sure what kind).

Blue and black flowers...

Fancy dark blue fabric and the light blue...

Yellow checked fabric! Clarisse'sCloset on Etsy had a tie shirt with similar fabric once. :-)

Pink checked fabric, slightly yellowed but beautiful.

The stack of darker checked fabrics. They would make a good ten faire costume, or even a cute skirt.


Beautiful blue print fabric and some chambray.

he print is stunning!

This one is too, it almost looks like henna.

A batik print and pink leaf print.


The colour turned out strange on this one, but it's actually a very dark brown. It looks like an authentic pioneer fabric.

Light pink woven.

Awesome fleece-type fabric!

This is my favorite. It is a printed cotton, but it looks like somebody's old samplers from the 1700s. Cross-stitched and everything. 

I might have to make a *human* quilt from this!

This one looks like peacock, sort of. There's enough to make a human-sized skirt, plus doll dress and more!

We have yards upon yard of fabric now.

This is a really neat batik with gold spots on one side. It looks like real gold in good light.

These are little plaid squares destined to become doll picnic blankets. :-}

Purple fabric for dresses.

This was a thin fleece like fabric.

More batiks!

Love these...

Leaf prints.


I have around 10 yard of this sheer pink stuff. It's so fun to play with!

This is a better picture of the colour.

This is just one of the two stacks.

And from the top down.

Whew! That was a whole lot of pictures, but I have a whole bunch of fabric. 

I also got tons and tons and tons of vintage buttons of all sizes. I just signed up for the PixieFaire Design Academy thing this month, so hopefully I'll know what to do with them by the end of it. :-}

Don't worry if you didn't understand the different fabrics types, honestly I'm not that good at them either! My mum was helping me tell what they are.

I'm working on finishing an award post, and a photo story. See you guys later!

~Mama Hen