Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[How to Make] Doll Sized Books - Part One

Alright guys, this is my first attempt at a tutorial. If you have any problems, questions or input, leave a comment!

This is Part One. I'll show you another method in Part Two.


Cardboard rectangles
     Small: 1 1/2 inches tall
                Just under an inch wide (the exact length was a weird number)

     Medium: 1 1/2 inches tall
                     1 1/4 inches wide

     Regular:  2 inches tall
                    1 1/4 inches wide

Printout (below)

First things first, you need the book cover sheets above. If they don't show up, just let me know.

Now you need your cardboard rectangles.

We used the rectangles from the Doll School Book by American Girl, but any regular cardboard (e.g. shipping boxes) will do. You need to cut out however many you want from the sizes on the sheets/in the instructions.

Book covers

Cut out cardboard

Cut out the book cover from the sheet.

Fold on the lines...

Then glue the book cover on. I used a glue bottle and put it on the cardboard. Instead, you could use a glue stick and put it on the paper.

Now put it under something heavy, like a book (or several books).

Let it dry for awhile, and it's done!

You have a finished book!

Happy reading!

~Mama Hen (with the help of Felicity)

By the way, I don't mind if you use this tutorial on your blog, AGTube, etc. Just please credit me with inspiration!


  1. oh Yay!!! thank you for doing this post! we're going to try it soon! thanks again!
    Emma, Anne and P&P!!! not to mention the Hobbit! thanks!

  2. Love it, thanks for the awesome book covers!

  3. Very cool, I'll have to try it it out! :D
    I nominated you for the Beachy Blogger Award:
    ~Lydia~ <3


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