Saturday, August 30, 2014

{Snapshots} On the Fence (Literally)

 on the fence (figure of speech): in a position of neutrality or indecision; undecided about something

So, what did you think? I really like the way these turned out, and the timing was much better than yesterday (the sun was halfway set when I went out). 

Sorry that was so long, I know Snapshots are usually really short but there wasn't really a story to go with this photoshoot...

Hope you're having a good weekend!

~Mama Hen

Friday, August 29, 2014

Choosing Classes

Hello everyone, Samantha here! Everything has been super hectic around here what with Mama Hen preparing for both her school and ours. See, we're homeschooled, which means that we choose online classes or have Mama Hen teach us things she knows about. (Mama Hen wants to let you know that she goes to public school and is not homeschooled, so her view of homeschool might be different than what it really is).

I had the iPad and a notepad spread out in front of me.

I was just clicking on Safari when Emma joined me with the laptop.

"What are you doing, Samantha?" she asked, absorbed in whatever she was looking at.

"I'm trying to decide on our classes for this year. What are you looking at?" I replied.

"Oh, I'm just checking out BeForever and wondering if Mama Hen will get anything," she sighed, "I've heard a rumor of a new sister joining us,"

"Don't always believe Mama Hen's rumors!" Mattie called from in front of the TV.

"She says one thing but means another," she said, setting down her teacup.

Emily came over yesterday and helped us mount our TV to the wall. Emma and Mattie started a Downton Abbey marathon last night and have just gotten to season 2.

"Hello Shola!" I said, trying to break the tension simmering between Emma and Mattie.

"Hi guys," she yawned as she spoke, "I'm just getting a snack,"

"What do you want, Emma? I've already put down Latin as my course choice,"

 "I think I'll take Photography," Emma replied, "Maybe Mama Hen can teach me to use a darkroom!"

"What do you want to learn, Mattie?" she turned to face our sister.

"Hmm...maybe Fine Art?" Mattie said, "It sounds like fun," 

"I want to take Drama!" Shola shouted.

"Okay then, calm down!" I laughed, "I'm writing it!"

"What are you watching?" Shola turned to the TV.

"I'm watching Downton Abbey," Mattie replied, "and you're welcome to join me,"

"Hey everyone!" Kirsten said as she stepped through the door, mud splattered all over her dress, "What's up?"

"We're going through the courses we're going to take this year. What do you want?" Emma asked.

"I'd like to take Drama," she said, giving a tremendous bow and blowing kisses to an imaginary crowd, "I want to pursue the stage!"

"Picking classes, I see?" Felicity ambled in behind Kirsten, "Sign me up for World Religion then,"

"Alright then," Emma said, "I think that's everyone..."

"You're going to have so much fun taking World Religion this year! I took it last year and it was a blast!" Kirsten said to Felicity.

"Just let me find the numbers," Emma mumbled, "and then we can write out a form,"

"There! All done!" she exclaimed.

"And here's the finished form!"

We carefully folded it up to give to Mama Hen.

So now we're all ready for homeschool! Apparently Mama Hen is a lot faster than us because she already knows the classes she's taking this year...but I guess that's because someone on the "school board" or whatever does that. :-)

Mama Hen starts school next week and just wants to let you know that she might not have time to post on here more than a few times a month, due to a very busy schedule. 

Are your dolls homeschooled or do they go to a public/private school?

Best wishes,


P.S. Just me (Mama Hen) popping in to say hello! Just going to repeat, I am not homeschooled so I am sorry if I messed up the class-picking bit...but then everyone does it differently! 

Good luck in the coming school year!

~Mama Hen