Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Emma (tries) to Make Cookies

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Cooking with Emma Show!

I'm going to make cookies for the girls to eat while they watch "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" tonight. 

First, we need to crack some fresh eggs into a large bowl.

Easy peasy, right?

Now, we pour some olive oil in it. 

Oops! Just make sure to not dump the whole thing in your eggs. I'll just have to add more of the other ingredients.

Now, we add some milk to the mix.

You also might want to pour some vanilla extract in. I want these cookies to be very vanilla-y, so I'm going to add a LOT. :)

These are the rest of my ingredients. See the pan on the far left? We'll use that to bake the cookies on.

I made a bit of a mess of the counter.

Alright! Now that you have your wet ingredients you can...

Oh no! I forgot the butter!

Butter is really important to make the cookies nice and smooth and light, instead of flat and hard.

Yay! We're finished with that part!

Now, you have to find your mixer, whether it's an hand mixer or a stand.

And you mix the batter.

Iv'e already gotten a second bowl out for the dry ingredients.

Now, adding these ingredients is pretty important. 

You need to make sure you add the right amount of everything so that it will combine right.

First you should add some flour, because that's the most important ingredient.

Next, we put some baking soda...or is it powder? Hmm...just put one or the other in. I'm not sure if they're different at all.

Now you mix it all up...

Until it's all evenly combined...

Then you can start pouring your wet ingredients in!

I like to mix it up by hand now, because sometimes the mixer sprays everything all over the kitchen, and it's really hard to clean up.


Oh, Ginger! You knocked over my wet ingredients! Now I can't make cookies.

Bad cat, look at what you did!

The eggs are all over the floor, and now I have to clean this up.

"Hi Emma, I heard you shouting from the other room. What's going on?"

Well Sam, Ginger knocked over the wet ingredients I was mixing for your cookies.

"Aww, Ginger just wants food, Emma. Someone forgot to fed her last night! Here, I'll take here out of your way."

Well, this has been the Cooking with Emma Show! I guess I'll just leave the cookie baking to the experts. :) For now, I've got to order pizza.


Poor Emma! I'm not sure she knows how to read recipe directions yet, but we'll work on it. ;)

We're almost to 100 posts! Woohoo! And, we now have 22 lovely followers. Thank you so much guys! You're awesome. 

I've found out that my camera lens is broken (the main body still works) so it might be a while before I can find a new (relatively cheap) one.

I also plan on adding clothes to my Etsy shop if/when I can sew again (which might also be awhile).

Trying to juggle life/blogging is hard. Really, really hard. :}

Sorry for that random paragraph on my life. See you guys later!

~Mama Hen

Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Early Fall Picnic

It seems like we have loads of picnic, and we do! We all love picnic though, since they're easy to put together and you can do a lot of different things at them.

Samantha and Kaya had a stand set up early yesterday morning, and were selling lemonade, cupcakes, muffins, and sandwiches. 

"Nobodys coming by yet," Samantha said, worried. "How will we make any money for our field trip if we don't sell anything?" 

"Don't fret, Sam," Kaya replied, "I'm sure people will come eventually,"

Their cupcakes slowly dripped icing...

the sandwiches began to get soggy...

and the lemonade heated up.

Finally, after almost an hour, McKenna came by. Their first customer!

"Hey there!" Kaya said, "how can we help you?"

"I'd like a sandwich please," McKenna said, and handed over her money as she pulled a sandwich out of the pile.

"Mmm, delicious!" she exclaimed.

A few minutes later, Lauryce walked up to the table. 

"Are you looking for something?" Samantha asked.

"Nope!" Lauryce replied, "Just looking, thanks," then walked away, twirling her string bag.

By noon, both girls were hungry and tired. 

"What should we do with all of this food?" Samantha asked, "We can't eat it all ourselves,"

"I have an idea!" Kaya shouted, "We can call the other girls and have a picnic with the leftovers!"

"Hey Kirsten," she said into the phone, "Can you bring everyone you can find and a blanket to the park? Awesome!"

In almost no time at all, everyone was assembled on the cool green grass.

Emma played a few tunes on her violin...

...and Lauryce danced as McKenna strummed her guitar to the beat.

Both Kirsten and Samantha played a game of "Go Fish".

"I'm going to win this time!" Kirsten mumbled to herself.

Kaya realized by McKenna, listening to the music and eating a muffin.

"Ha! I win again!" Samantha shouted excitedly.

Isabelle and Lauryce danced for awhile, then both settled down to nap.

"Let's play, 'Danny Boy'!" Emma suggested, and she and McKenna began the duet.

McKenna strummed and plucked in perfect harmony with Emma.

And that was our morning! We hope you enjoyed it. :-) We'll hopefully have more stuff up eventually, but Mama Hen still has to get her camera fixed. :-( 

See you all soon!


the Sisters