Saturday, June 27, 2015

In Praise of Mattie

Oh, my beautiful Mattie! This was going to be a snapshot with a pioneer theme, but I just...couldn't. The pictures are too pretty. :)

Do you ever look at a picture you've taken, and it's almost as if the dolls seem...alive? She just looks so real!

The dress is one I received as a gift from an aunt, who bought it at a Farmer's Market, of all places! It's an incredible work of art, made from antique fabrics the shop owners found at thrift stores and vintage shops.

She's a bonny wee lass, my Mattie is, and the dress fits her quite well--despite being made for American Girl dolls.

That's a bluebird box in the back, by the way.

I still haven't had quite enough time to tackle some of the patterns I've gotten for her lately, and I won't have time at all next week. Argh, summer plans! 

I'll be back, hopefully soon, with another post.

Have a lovely weekend!

~Mama Hen

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Snapshots: Mattie in Blue

Hi everyone, it's Mattie!

Mama Hen is rejoicing because she's just gotten out of school for the summer, which means she'll have more time to spend with us! Hooray!

She's also rather annoyed that she doesn't have a suitable place to sew at the moment and she's dying to try out some new patterns...but that's beside the point.

After being shut up in the house for that pst few months, I went outside for the first time in awhile to smell the fresh summer air and feel grass underneath my feet.

It was a beautiful day--the sun was out and the grass was dry and soft.

Do you like the new dress? Mama Hen is still working on making it fit correctly. It fit's okay now, except it's slightly baggy at my waist. 

There were so many little buttercups and clover-flowers growing in the field! Some of them were almost as tall as me!

I decided to pick a bunch to bring back inside as a table decoration.

They were just incredibly beautiful. Mama Hen says that the little buttercups remind her of the yellow heather in Scotland.

I brought my flowers inside then went back out to climb around on our giant woodpile.

The woodpile is one of my favourite places to sit because I can see everything in our field, and sometimes the neighbor's field too.

Mama Hen says she'll have another post up tomorrow - she's a bit busy at the moment - and can't wait to catch up with everybody!