Sunday, November 29, 2015

From Summer to Autumn

And, we're back! Hello. blogging world, Emma here! :)

This summer Mama Hen made a beautiful blue dress with her grandmother while on vacation, and I claimed it as soon as I came back from the beach.

Isn't it beautiful?

I was just hanging around, enjoying the sunshine, when Mattie walked up.

"Emma!" she cried, "You're finally back! We missed you, and we're all anxious to hear about your travels," 

"Thanks!" I replied, "I really didn't do all that much. We spent most of the time just sitting around and reading. Mama Hen didn't really feel like doing much in South Carolina, so she just decided to finish a couple of book and TV series',"

"That's nice," Mattie said, "We didn't do much either. Felicity and Kaya played a game of checkers that lasted almost the whole week, and Kirsten tried to learn the guitar,"

"How did that work out?" I asked, hiding a smile.

"Not very well," she replied with a grin, "She gave up after half an hour," 

We both broke into giggle fits, nearly falling over with laughter.

"What's that stuck in the tree?" I asked, quieting down.

"Oh, that must be one of Iseabaíl's knitting projects. She's been leaving them everywhere," Mattie replied.

"Hmm, I'm going to climb up and take a peak at it," I said, swinging up onto the lowest branch.


"Isn't it beautiful out today?"

"It sure is,"

~ Emma